PodChill Theking Royal

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PodChill Theking Royal

is a premium line of Vape essential oils from The King Of Chill of America.
Capacity: 10ml
Content: 0mg
Chill degree: 3/5
Ingredients: a combination of some active ingredients in medical marijuana, 100% natural extracts with small amounts of Shikigami, PodChill Theking Royal legal stimuli taken from famous American medical centers, FDA-approved take.

Juice Relax Reef Marvel essential oil, how much, how much, testing for people play the best price

Advantages: compact, convenient, easy to use, not tested.

Benefits: Helps eat well, sleep well. Release stress, relax. Physiological support.
How to use:
Pour 1-2 drops into cotton vape or Pod heads, electronic Shisha heads.
Pull in a deep breath, smoke 5-10 seconds and then exhale, about 30-60s begin to chill.
Play combination of lights, music Vinahouse, Deephouse, DJ, Nonstop, Vietnamese mix. (playlist set)
Suitable for Karaoke, room, Bar, Club, Party with friends, PodChill Theking Royal etc.
Can be played with other types of Chill Spray or Pod Chill.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from high temperatures. Keep out of reach of children, pregnant and lactating women, mentally weak people, sensitive to stimulants like alcohol.
Use within 15 days after opening.
Use only 1-2 breaths for the first use.
Ask carefully before inviting friends to complete the fun.

100% genuine goods, with anti-counterfeit stamps, customers are Authentic verified by the code when buying.


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